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A summary of campaigning materials, factsheets and leaflets available about genetic engineering.


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information for action about genetic engineering

UK GMO testsites list

My first little book...

Delia's guide to basic blockading

List of all GMO test sites in the UK. Including details of crop failures and decontaminations. Also features new clickable map testsite finder. Information from 1999 until present. Test site list



...of GM crop decontamination. Everything you always wanted to know about responsible covert actions but were afraid to ask.

My first little book... 378k, pdf format.

Delia's guideDelia takes a break from her usual sordid talk of whipping and binding to engage with the more salubrious world of tripods and lock-ons.

Delia's guide to basic blockading: 389k, pdf format.

Biohazard symbol


Download the biohazard symbol the biohazard symbol and make your own posters and resources.

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There are many books available, see your local bookshop, or ring GEN for advice. These are five new books, all available from Zed Books, , apart from the last two - ring GEN for how to get hold of a copy or try your local bookshop


There are many useful websites, too many for this list, so here's a few of them. Try their links pages for more.

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Many of these briefings are also available from GEN


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