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ASEED - Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Diversity
A European network that initiates actions and campaigns on environmental and social justice issues. One of our current campaigns is centred on issues surrounding the production, distribution and consumption of food (small, local organic farms instead of agribusiness, biotechnology and supermarkets selling genetically modified food).

CBG Network
Formerly known as Bayerwatch the CBG network have been monitoring the activities of Bayer for over 20 years. Their web site includes an archive of their newsletter and press releases.

Corporate Watch
Information on the environmental and social impacts of corporations. Website includes briefings and news items. Briefings and profiles on GM companies

Econexus is a non-profit scientific research organisation and watch-dog, focusing on the impacts of modern technologies, especially genetic engineering, on the environment, health and society.

ETC Group
Formerly known as RAFI, the Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC group) is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights. Web site includes briefings on issues such as corporate concentration, patents, GM crops and nanotechnology.

Five Year Freeze
A campaign representing NGOs, Unions Religious and Consumer groups calling on the UK Government for a Five Year Freeze on: the growing of genetically modified plants and the production of genetically modified farm animals for any commercial purpose; the import of genetically modified foods, plants, farm crops and farm animals, and produce from genetically modified plants and animals; and the patenting of genetic resources for food and farm crops

Friends of the Earth
Real food pages contain briefings, information and campaigning materials on GM crops.

GM Free Cymru
Campaigning for a GM free Wales.

Major environmental NGO campaigning on GM issues.

GeneWatch UK is a public interest group which aims to ensure that genetic technologies are developed and used in the public interest, and in a way which promotes human health, protects the environment and respects human rights and the interests of animals. Website includes briefings and a searchable GM crops database.

Genetic Engineering Network
The GEN web site includes numerous resources for people wanting to oppose genetic engineering, or just to learn more. Includes an up-to-date list of where GM crops are being grown in the UK.

GM Watch
GM Watch (formerly known as NGIN) focus on the use of hype, propaganda and spin to promote GM technology, and on exposing the role played by corporate-friendly scientists, industry front groups, PR companies, lobbyists, and political groups. Includes the Biotech Brigade a global directory on the massive and deceptive PR push behind genetically modified (GM) food

Human Genetics Alert
Human Genetics Alert is an independent public interest watchdog group,committed to informing people about human genetics issues, and to putting forward clear policies that serve the public interest.

The Norfolk Genetic Information Network (NGIN) web site includes an archive of the NGIN email list. This is a daily updated digest of biotech news from around the world.

Pesticide Action Network UK
UK branch of an international network campaigning to eliminate the hazards of pesticides, to reduce dependence on pesticides and prevent the unnecessary expansion of their use, and to increase the sustainable and ecological alternatives to chemical pest control. Their website provides useful information on the pesticide activities of Syngenta, Bayer and Monsanto.

Polaris Institute
The Polaris Institute aims to enable citizen movements to re-skill and re-tool themselves to fight for democratic social change in an age of corporate driven globalization. Their website includes a number of briefings on GM crops.

Primal Seeds
Primal Seeds exists as a network to actively engage in protecting biodiversity and creating local food security. It is a response to industrial biopiracy, control of the global seed supply and of our food. This evolving tool is designed to empower individuals to participate in the creation of tomorrow.

Totnes Genetics Group
Non-hierarchical collective working on GM issues in Devon and beyond. Currently home to the amazing Genetix Update and the Life Cycles peddle powered cinema.

Women's Environmental Network
Educating, empowering and informing women and men who care about the environment. Campaigning and on environmental and health issues from a female perspective. Web site includes good briefings on the science of GM and GM issues. 


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