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Trial sites

Where are they?

You can find out if you have a trial site near you on the test sites pages, by visiting the Friends of the Earth website at http://www.foe.co.uk/camps/foodbio/queries, or alternatively by calling the Department of Environment Transport and the Regions (DETR) biotechnology unit:


Where were they?

A large number of trial sites have been decontaminated. Please check with the GEN office for up to the minute information on whether a given trial site has been decontaminated - this could save you a lot of time trying to identify a trial site that no longer exists! Don't forget to tell us if you know of a decontaminated trial site.


Previous actions at trial sites (beware - some of the actions outlined below have resulted in arrest)


Ideas for actions near to trial sites


Tell us the latest news about your local trial site

Please tell the GEN office if you know of a trial site that has been decontaminated. See GEN's contact details.


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