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Urgent action mailing list

From time to time, action is required urgently in response to the latest developments in the campaign against genetic engineering. Subscribing to the urgent action mailing list will mean that now and again you will receive a briefing and suggestion for immediate action.

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Food producers and supermarkets

If you use a word processor you can set up a standard letter and thereafter just change the names and addresses of the company/product. Usually there will be an address or phone number on the packets. The Nationwide Food survey have details of particular brands to focus on. GEN can provide lists of addresses. Try holding managers personally liable- write to managers of supermarkets and food producers letting them know that you will hold them personally liable should you suffer psychological or health damage due to consuming GE ingredients in their food.

The following list of customer care lines can be used to communicate your feelings on a variety of GM-related issues (be careful not to demand they do something that they've already done!):

Asda / Walmart







Five year freeze

This alliance of campaigning groups including groups as diverse as Friends of the Earth, Islamic Concern and Action Aid are calling for a five year moratorium on the growing of GM crops, the selling of GM foods and the patenting of food and crops. They have postcards which you can address to your local MPs.


Lobbying your local council (also try health authorities)

The Local Government Association has adopted the Five Year Freeze, however, it is up to each council individually to decide whether to adopt a GM- free policy. The council has a say over whether it serves GM food to school children, as well as in its staff canteens and any other establishment it owns, such as restaurants in parks etc. Contact the Green Party for details:


Holding a parish referendum

Under the 1972 Local Government Act, civic parish councils in England (community councils in Wales) can vote to request their local district council to hold a referendum on any issue of concern to the local parish. Once the Parish has voted in favor, the District Council has to carry out the referendum. Contact Women's Environmental Network on:


Keep us informed

Please send copies of any replies you receive to GEN and other groups working on supermarkets e.g. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.


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