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Revised draft storyboard


Chapter 1: vision (with anxieties)

Vision/potential but anxieties, need education, regulation etc

Needs to be inspiring enough to get readers to read on but acknowledging concerns about risk, ethics and cost pressures; and noting that the NHS (and society?) will need to adapt in various ways in order to take full advantage of genetic developments.

Chapter 2: establishing the baseline

Chapter 3: society, ethics and regulation


Chapter 4: R&D, industry


Chapter 4 (&5?): the NHS and how it needs to develop

Fleshed-out description(s) of what the NHS could look like including potential changes to the configuration of existing services; eg

Therefore how the NHS and others need to prepare themselves;

what is being done and what will need to be done to enable the NHS to make most appropriate use of these technologies: eg


Chapter 6: issuing the challenge

Summary chapter reminding readers of the potential benefits and bringing together the main points about how the public, professions, NHS, government, R&D interests and industry need to prepare themselves.


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