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Grid Reference: TF 893 262

Location: East Raynham, Norfolk

Company: Monsanto

Site Reference: 99/R22/16

Crop: Beet

Area: **2-10 ha

Sown: Mar

Harvest: Oct

Traits: RR

Status: upto 75% damaged and some delivered to DEFRA


Other sites within 5 Km:

Grid Reference: TF 940 250

Location: Colkirk, Norfolk

Company: Aventis

Site Reference: 00/R33/11

Crop: WOSR

Area: **12 ha

Sown: Aug-Sept

Harvest: July-Sept

Traits: LL SL



Grid Reference: TF 934 241

Location: Horningtoft, Norfolk

Company: Aventis

Site Reference: None

Crop: Maize

Area: **

Sown: April

Harvest: Sept

Traits: LL

Status: upto 75% damaged