Demonstration against GE crops in Montreal

The most important and largest DEMONSTRATION (in North America to date) against the forced selling of Genetically Engineered crops is happening in


on Saturday Jan 22, 2000


999 University (Metro Square Victoria, exit Viger).

12 noon Demonstration Departure Berri Square - corner of Ste Catherine and Berri (Berri- UQAM metro station). Rally at Biosafety meeting location - 999 University Street; Square- Victoria metro station.


If you believe in any of the following:

1) MANDATORY LABELLING of foods containing genetically engineered food products

2) MORATORIUM on all GE food products, unless it can be definitively proven that they pose no short/long-term risks to health or the environment; currently, no long-term tests have been done on GE crops now found in the marketplace - despite the emerging evidence of unwanted effects.

3) THE RIGHT of all nations to refuse imports of transgenic crops that could pose health or environmental risks. then, by showing up at the demonstration, you will be making an unprecedented statement in front of local, national, and major international media.

You will be criticizing the Canadian government for robbing you of your right to choose the foods you eat.

You will be showing your disapproval that Canada is one of six countries in the Biosafety Protocol negociations (out of a total of 135) who is trying to force the other countries to import transgenic crops with no consideration for the possible health and environmental consequences.

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