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as well as the mass rally and NGO forum happening in Montreal

there are lots things to do around the world

LUMOs (Living Unmodified Organisms) of the World, unite! You have nothing to lose but your ecosystems!


Meet: Monday 24th January at 12 o'clock midday (noon,local time) outside the Canadian embassy in your country (or if you do not live in a capital city, outside theCanadian consulate) for a tour of the six embassies (consulates) of the Miami group countries.

You will be visiting the embassies (consulates) of Canada, USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Note: If your country is one of the Miami Group, you might wish to begin MIAMIWATCH at your foreign ministry or State Department or outside the offices of your national representatives. Bring: A simple banner with the words 'The World is watching the Miami Group and the Biosafety Protocol Negotiations, Montreal, 24-28 January 2000', flags, banners, musical instruments and your imagination. Email: to let us know if you are planning an action.and check out our online action.

In the UK, we will be meeting in Trafalgar Square at midday, to commence the tour of 'Miami Vice' embassies


Sign the alternative Biosafety Protocol

Attend the rally in Toronto

and sign our online 'Message to Montreal'


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